Landecor Edgestone 4 in. x 12 in. x 3 in. Multi-Colored Concrete Overlapping RIVER ROCK Edging (10-Pack)

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Brand: Landecor Features: CONSTRUCTED FROM CONCRETE FOR DURABILITY: This landscape rock edger is perfect for all border and edging scenarios. The dense...

Brand: Landecor


  • CONSTRUCTED FROM CONCRETE FOR DURABILITY: This landscape rock edger is perfect for all border and edging scenarios. The dense concrete is made by using a wetcast mold system that creates an edger that is extremely durable. The process for the concrete edger creates a natural looking decorative border for lawns, gardens, or flower beds. Although very durable, each edger only weighs 4 lbs. resulting in quick and easy installation and allows you to create straight or curved lines for your border.
  • EASY INSTALLATION ALLOWS FOR STRAIGHT LINES OR CURVES: The edgers are designed to fit all landscapes, lawns, and gardens and are extremely easy to install. Measuring at 4" x 3" x 12", each edgestone border is small enough to create straight or curved lines. Each edger has also been created to overlap with a connecting edger, this provides a seamless connection between the two decorative edgers. Put rock edgers together to form tree rings, lawn borders, or garden edging for a natural landscape.
  • PROVIDES GORGEOUS DECORATIVE LAWN EDGING FOR A VARIETY OF USES: Designed to create a small barrier for your garden, patio, lawn, or tree ring, the natural rock design makes the border look part of the landscape which adds a beautiful new component to your yard. The single piece edgers are easy to install and allow you to break up your edging into decorative sections if needed. Each edger has 3 different but natural looking landscape colors to it which create a gorgeous rock looking border.
  • UNIQUE NATURAL LOOKING DESIGN: The Landecor edgestone is a concrete mold that is manufactured to look like a natural river rock. There are multiple different edger styles that when placed together, create a beautiful yet natural border for your garden or decorative barrier. Each unique style has 3 UV resistant colored sections that blend together fantastically with the landscape and will give your yard, garden, or lawn the extra unique touch that it needs to be the best kept on the block.
  • NO DIGGING REQUIRED: This easy to install border system is perfect for people of all ages. Due to the edger's light weight, it is easy to place along the border of your garden or lawn. Landecor recommends that you even out the dirt before connecting the border pieces together. This ensures that each connection point is seamless and natural. This border system not only makes the lives of those who install it easier, but the barrier gives home owners the natural landscape look that they want.

Binding: Lawn & Patio

model number: 308460

Part Number: 308460

Details: The Landecor Edger allows homeowners to create a distinctive landscaping design with this overlapping concrete rock edger that is used for outdoor edging. The install is quick and easy. Because of how light each unit is, it makes it easy for lawn and garden owners of all ages to make a landscape border that is unique to their style. The easy installations starts with digging a 2 inch trench. Digging is recommended, but not required. It is important that the dirt on the surface where the edging will be placed is even or flattened to provied best connection between edgers. Doing so will provide a beautiful, natural, and seamless connection for your outdoor edging. Each unit has 3 different sections each of which being a different color. Different colors are added and then mixed into the concrete mixture to create a natural stone or rock color. This makes each edger look like a natural, multi-color stone and creates a beautiful, unique landscaping edging system. Each edger is created using a wet cast concrete mold system that gives each section strength and durability, while also making it lightweight which makes for a quick and easy install. The Overlapping Rock Edger connects together seamlessly to form straight lines or curves to create decorative tree rings, garden walkway borders, or lawn edging for an overall strong and stable edging system. The design of the rock edging is simple. Each unit overlaps with another unit which allows the border to follow your landscape or create a circular tree ring. Once overlapped, each edger measures 11 in. since each unit overlaps the adjoining unit by 1 in. This overlapping rock barrier creates a seamless overlap that makes the borders look like a natural addition to the landscape. These edgers will look fantastic as borders for any flowerbed, lawn, or garden. This natural looking product is easy to install and will complement any existing landscaping.

EAN: 0653863198522

Package Dimensions: 14.0 x 14.0 x 4.0 inches

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Landecor Edgestone 4 in. x 12 in. x 3 in. Multi-Colored Concrete Overlapping RIVER ROCK Edging (10-Pack)

$46.38 $62.74